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Kamran Akmal is a prominent Pakistani cricketer who has made a name for himself in domestic and international cricket. Kamran was born on January 13, 1982 and is from Lahore, Punjab. He is a right-handed batsman and goalkeeper who has played for the Pakistan cricket team and various national teams.

In this article we are going to look at Kamran Akmal’s profile including his early life, cricket career and notable achievements.

Kamran Akmal is a name that has resonated with cricket fans around the world. The Pakistan batsman enjoyed a legendary cricket career and was a fixture of the national team for over a decade. In this article we will look at the life and career of Kamran Akmal and follow his journey from a young cricket enthusiast to one of Pakistan’s top cricketers.


Kamran Akmal was born into a cricket family. His father Mohammad Akmal was a top cricketer and his brothers Adnan and Umar Akmal are also professional cricketers.

Kamran started playing cricket at a young age and showed high hopes from the start. He played for various local clubs and was eventually selected for the Lahore U16 team. His performance at junior level earned him a place in the Pakistan U19 team. He made an immediate impression, scoring a half-century in his first innings. Kamran established himself as the team’s first-choice goalkeeper and played a key role in many victories. Played 53 tests for a total of 2996 runs at an average of 30.79. Kamran also took 156 catches and made 22 tackles as a goaltender. In the ODI, he hit 3,194 runs with an average of 26.13, 184 catches and 34 stumps.

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Kamran has been part of many memorable moments in Pakistani cricket history. He was instrumental in Pakistan’s win over Sri Lanka in the 2009 T20 World Finals, scoring 37 goals and winning twice.

Notable Achievements:

Kamran Akmal has achieved many notable achievements in his cricket career. Here are some of his most notable records and achievements:

Kamran Akmal holds the record for most dismissals (91) by a Pakistani goalkeeper in T20I.

He is the only goalkeeper in Test cricket history to score two hundred goals in a row wearing the number seven.

Kamran has the most dismissals (287) by a Pakistani goalkeeper in an ODI.

He was named Man of the Tournament at the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy

Kamran Akmal was also named ICC Test Team of the Year in 2006 Ups and downs, with controversy and injuries often overshadowing their performances on the pitch. Kamran was involved in a ball-handling scandal in a Test series against England in 2006 and was subsequently suspended for one game.

In 2010, Kamran made headlines again for all the wrong reasons when he lost several holds in a crucial game against Australia, ultimately leading to Pakistan’s defeat. Kamran was left out of the national team and his international career seemed in jeopardy.

Kamran returned to action in 2011/12, however, scoring 100 points against Sri Lanka and making crucial saves from behind the stumps. Kamran continued to be a vital cog in the Pakistan team and played a key role in winning the 2017 ICC Champions Cup.

Life Beyond Cricket:

Kamran Akmal is married to Aaiza Ilyas and has two children. Aside from cricket, Kamran is actively involved in philanthropic work and continues his father’s legacy of promoting cricket in his community. Kamran runs a cricket academy in Lahore where he educates aspiring young cricketers and provides them with the necessary facilities to improve their skills.

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In addition to playing cricket and philanthropic work, Kamran is also an animal lover and owns a lion. He often posts photos and videos with his beloved lion Simba on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is Kamran Akmal’s highest score in Test Cricket?
A: Kamran Akmal’s highest score in Test cricket is 158.

Q: Has Kamran Akmal ever managed the Pakistan cricket team?
A: No, Kamran Akmal was never the captain of the Pakistan cricket team.

Q: What is Kamran Akmal’s batting position in T20 cricket?
A: Kamran Akmal usually opens the racquet for his T20 team.


Kamran Akmal Profile is one of Pakistan’s most successful cricketers with many records and achievements. He was a key member of the Pakistan cricket team for many years and played a key role in many victories. His career has been full of ups and downs, but he has always shown resilience and a determination to get back up. Kamran’s legacy in Pakistani cricket will be remembered for years to come. Kamran Akmal’s profile continues to inspire young cricketers in Pakistan and
around the world. He was a role model for many aspiring cricketers and his dedication and commitment to the sport is commendable.

Despite the criticism and controversy throughout his career, Kamran Akmal has remained focused and committed to his game. He still plays domestic cricket for Pakistan and is still regarded as one of the country’s best goalkeepers.

In summary, Kamran Akmal is a legendary cricketer who left an indelible mark on the sport. His profile is a testament to his hard work, talent and perseverance and he will forever be remembered as one of Pakistan’s greatest cricketers.

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