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Introduction of Greg Valentine Wrestler:

Greg Valentine is a resigned American expert grappler who was dynamic in the business from the 1970s to the 2000s. He was brought into the world on September 20, 1951, in Seattle, Washington, and is the child of wrestling legend Johnny Valentine.

Valentine started his vocation in 1970 and competed in different wrestling advancements, including the Public Wrestling Coalition (NWA), Big Showdown Wrestling (WCW), and the World Wrestling Alliance (WWF). He was known for his tough, straightforward style in the ring and his particular figure-four leg lock accommodation hold.

All through his vocation, Valentine brought home various titles, including the NWA US Heavyweight Title, the NWA World Label Group Title, and the WWF Label Group Title. He likewise had paramount fights with wrestling legends like Ric Pizazz, Roddy Flute, and Tito Santana.

In the wake of resigning from Dynamic Contest in the mid-2000s, Valentine showed up in the wrestling business, including being accepted into the WWE Lobby of Acclaim in 2004. Today, he is viewed as a legend in the business and a trailblazer in current expert wrestling.

Greg Valentine early life:

Greg Valentine was brought into the world on September 20, 1951, in Seattle, Washington, as the child of grappler Johnny Valentine. His family later moved to North Carolina, where he grew up.

Valentine was introduced to the wrestling business at an early age because of his dad’s association with the game. He frequently went with his dad to wrestling events and watched him contend in the ring. It was during this time that Valentine fostered an adoration for wrestling and chose to pursue a lifelong career in the business.

Valentine was additionally a competitor in secondary school, where he played football and competed in Olympic-style events. He later went to Focal State College in Ohio on a football grant, but ultimately left to pursue a lifelong career in wrestling.

In the wake of finishing his wrestling preparation, Valentine started his expert profession in 1970, working for different wrestling advancements in the US.

greg valentine wife:

greg valentine wife

Greg Valentine’s wife is named Julie Valentine.

Greg Valentine personal life:

Greg Valentine has kept his own life generally hidden; however, it is now realised that he has been married on different occasions and has a few children.

Valentine’s most memorable marriage was to Julie Marie in 1973, and they had two kids together. They later separated, and Valentine wed his subsequent spouse, Sharon, during the 1980s. They also had two kids before their separation.

Valentine has also had a few legitimate difficulties all through his life. In 2003, he was captured and accused of driving while debilitated in North Carolina. He was subsequently viewed as liable and condemned to probation and local area administration.

In spite of his private matters, Valentine is exceptionally regarded in the wrestling business for his commitments to the game and his unbelievable status as a grappler.

Greg Valentine family background:

Greg Valentine comes from a family with a rich wrestling history. His dad, Johnny Valentine, was a notable grappler during the 1950s and 1960s, and his sibling, Johnny Valentine Jr., likewise had a long career in the business.

Johnny Valentine was known for his tough, hard-hitting style in the ring and was a double-cross NWA US Heavyweight Champion. He was likewise known for his scandalous quarrel with Wahoo McDaniel, which is as yet viewed as perhaps the best fight in wrestling history.

Greg Valentine emulated his dad’s example and turned into a grappler himself, beginning his profession in 1970. His rough, straightforward style in the ring was suggestive of his dad’s, and he proceeded to turn into a legend by his own doing.

Notwithstanding his dad and sibling, Valentine’s uncle, Straight to the Point Marconi, was likewise a grappler, similar to a few different individuals from his more distant family.

wwf hasbro greg valentine:


Yes, Greg Valentine had an action figure released by the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) under the Hasbro toy line. The WWF Hasbro action figures were popular in the 1990s and featured various professional wrestlers, including Greg Valentine.

Greg Valentine championships:

Greg Valentine championships

All through his wrestling career, Greg Valentine proved to be the best for different titles and grants in various ways. Some of his most prominent titles include:

  • NWA US Heavyweight Title: Valentine brought back this title on different occasions in his career, in 1975, 1977, and 1978.
  • NWA World Mark Gathering Title: Valentine brought back this title on different occasions with different assistants, consolidating it twice with Ric Spirit, once with Aristocrat von Raschke, and once with The Covered Whiz.
  • WWF Name Gathering Title: Valentine brought back this title twice, once with Brutus Beefcake and once with his storyline cousin, The Honky Tonk Man.
  • Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title: Valentine ended up as the winner for this title on various occasions in his calling, in 1974, 1976, 1979, and 1980.
  • WCW US Heavyweight Title: Valentine brought back this title once, in 1986.
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Despite these titles, Valentine was enrolled in the WWE Entryway of Recognition in 2004 for his responsibilities to the wrestling industry. He is seen as a legend in the business and a pioneer in current master wrestling.

Valentine career highlights:

Greg Valentine had a long and fruitful vocation in proficient wrestling, spanning quite a few years. A portion of his vocation features include:

  • He won the NWA US Heavyweight Title multiple times in his vocation, laying down a good foundation for himself as a top grappler in the advancement.
  • being essential for probably the most notable label groups in wrestling history, including the “Anderson-Blanchard-Valentine” stable in the NWA and the “Fantasy Group” with Brutus Beefcake in the WWF.
  • winning the NWA World Label Group Title multiple times with different accomplices, including Ric Pizazz and The Veiled Whiz.
  • Having critical fights with the absolute greatest names in wrestling, including Ric Energy, Roddy Flute, Tito Santana, and Jimmy Snuka.
  • promoting the figure-four leg lock accommodation hold as one of his unmistakable moves in the ring.
    being drafted into the WWE Corridor of Popularity in 2004 for his commitments to the wrestling business.

Generally speaking, Greg Valentine’s effect on proficient wrestling couldn’t possibly be more significant. He was a critical figure in the business during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s and has remained a darling and highly regarded legend right up until now.

Greg in WWE:


Greg Valentine had a fruitful career in the WWE (then known as the WWF) during the 1980s and 1990s. He was known for his rough, straightforward style in the ring and was often fan #1.

Valentine came out on top for the WWF Label Group Title two times during his time in the organisation. The initial time was in 1985, when he and Brutus Beefcake shaped the “Fantasy Group” and crushed The US Express for the title. They held the title for quite some time prior to losing it to the English Bulldogs.

Valentine’s second WWF Label Group Title reign came in 1990, when he collaborated with his storyline cousin, The Honky Tonk Man. They crushed Destruction for the title at SummerSlam that year, but lost it back to Destruction only a couple of months after the fact.

Valentine additionally had essential fights with probably the greatest names in the WWF at that point, including Tito Santana and Roddy Flautist. He was a customary installation on WWF programming all through the 1980s and into the mid-1990s.

Notwithstanding his in-ring work, Valentine was likewise known for his part in the WWF’s “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Association” period, which carried wrestling into the mainstream and acquainted many new fans with the game. He remains a beloved figure among WWE fans and was enlisted in the WWE Corridor of Notoriety in 2004.

Valentine in NWA:

Greg Valentine had a long and effective career in the Public Wrestling Coalition (NWA) before he joined WWE. He was known for his tough, hard-hitting style in the ring, which made him a fan favourite.

Valentine has won the NWA US Heavyweight Title multiple times in his profession. He originally brought home the championship in 1975, overcoming Johnny Weaver for the title. He proceeded to bring home the championship two additional times in 1977 and 1978, laying down a good foundation for himself as one of the top grapplers in the advancement.

Valentine likewise won the NWA World Label Group Title multiple times during his residency in the NWA. He brought home the title two times: once with Ric Energy, once with Noble von Raschke, and once with The Covered Genius.

Notwithstanding his title wins, Valentine had noteworthy quarrels with probably the greatest names in the NWA, including Wahoo McDaniel, Roddy Flute, and Dusty Rhodes. His particular move, the figure-four leg lock, was likewise promoted during his time in the NWA.

By and large, Valentine’s effect on the NWA couldn’t possibly be more significant. He was a critical figure in the advancement during the 1970s and 1980s and laid it out as one of the top wrestling advancements on the planet.

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Greg finishing moves:

Greg Valentine was known for his rough, hard-hitting style in the ring, and he had a few completing manoeuvres that he utilised all through his profession. A portion of his particular completed moves include:

  • Figure-four leg lock: Maybe Valentine’s most well-known completing move, the figure-four leg lock includes turning an adversary’s leg while applying strain to the knee and lower leg. Valentine utilised this transition to extraordinary impact all through his profession and was known for his capacity to apply it in different situations in the ring.
  • The hammerlock: This accommodation hold includes locking an adversary’s arm despite their good faith and applying strain to their shoulder joint. Valentine was known for his skill in applying this hold and could utilise it to wear out rivals prior to polishing them off with a seriously wrecking move.
  • Elbow drop: Valentine was known for his staggering elbow drops, which he would convey from the top rope or while running the ropes. He would frequently utilise this transition to polish off rivals after wearing them out with his other mark moves.
  • Figure-four headlock: A variety of the figure-four leg lock, this accommodation hold includes contorting a rival’s head and neck while applying strain to their jawline and neck. Valentine would frequently use this move as a method for mellowing rivals prior to applying his additional overwhelming holds.

Generally speaking, Valentine’s completing moves were a critical piece of his in-ring weapons arsenal and laid him out as one of the top grapplers of his period.

Valentine memorable matches:

Greg Valentine had a long and celebrated vocation in proficient wrestling, and he was engaged in numerous paramount matches all through his profession. Here are only a couple of his most important matches:

  • Greg Valentine versus Tito Santana: Steel Enclosure Match at Madison Square Nursery (1985) This match is generally viewed as one of the best steel cage matches in WWE history. Valentine and Santana had a well-established fight, and this match was the zenith of their contention. The two men put on an unbelievable showcase of physicality and ruthlessness, with Valentine at last emerging successful.
  • Greg Valentine versus Roddy Flute Player: Canine Restraint Match at Starrcade (1983) This match was an inconceivably severe undertaking, with Valentine and Flautist joined to one another by a chain and canine choker. The two men fought all around the field, with Valentine at last getting the victory in the wake of hitting the flute player with a series of devastating blows.
  • Greg Valentine versus Ric Energy: NWA World Heavyweight Title Match at Clash of the Belts II (1986): This match saw Valentine test Pizazz for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. The two men put on a staggeringly specialised show, with Valentine verging on bringing home the title a few times before finally missing the mark.
  • Greg Valentine versus Pedro Spirits: WWF Intercontinental Title Match at Madison Square Nursery (1981): This match saw Valentine test Spirits for the Intercontinental Title. The two men put on an exemplary wrestling match, with Valentine at last emerging successful and catching the title.

By and large, these matches are only a little example of the numerous vital minutes that Greg Valentine added to proficient wrestling throughout the span of his vocation. His durability, specialized ability, and mark moves have made a permanent imprint on the game.

Greg Valentine Net Worth:

As a language model, I don’t approach current monetary data or total asset gauges for Greg Valentine. It’s important that proficient grapplers’ total assets can fluctuate broadly contingent upon various variables, including the length of their profession, their title wins, and their post-wrestling tries. Nonetheless, most would agree that Valentine had a fruitful and rewarding vocation in proficient wrestling, and his commitments to the game have procured him a spot in wrestling history.

Greg retirement:


Greg Valentine has not formally resigned from proficient wrestling, yet he has fundamentally diminished his in-ring appearances as of late. He keeps showing up at wrestling shows and occasions, where he is frequently sought out by fans for signatures and photographs of open doors.

Valentine has spoken freely about his affection for proficient wrestling and his appreciation for the open doors the game has given him throughout his long vocation. He wants to keep on being engaged with wrestling in some way, whether that be as a mentor, an observer, or in another job.

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Regardless of moving away from dynamic rivalry, Valentine’s effect on the game of expert wrestling can in any case be felt today, as his unique moves and no-nonsense persona keep on rousing grapplers and fans alike.

Greg Valentine Height:

Greg Valentine is recorded as being 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall. This level is frequently viewed as on the taller side for an expert grappler, and Valentine utilised his level and solidarity to extraordinary impact all through his profession.

Greg theme song:


Greg Valentine’s signature tune during his time in WWE was “Struttin'” by Jim Johnston. The tune highlighted a weighty bassline and an out-of-control guitar riff, which impeccably paired Valentine’s troublemaker persona and in-ring style. The tune was, in a split second, unmistakable to fans and assisted with laying out Valentine’s personality as an amazing powerhouse in the ring.

Greg Valentine Achievements:


Greg Valentine achieved many notable accomplishments throughout his career in professional wrestling. Here are some of his most significant achievements:

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
  • NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship (4 times)
  • NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship (6 times)
  • NWA Television Championship (2 times)
  • WCW United States Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • WWE World Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year (1983) – vs. Roddy Piper in a Dog Collar Match at Starrcade

Valentine’s championship reigns and accolades are a testament to his skill and toughness in the ring, and he is widely regarded as one of the all-time greats of professional wrestling. His contributions to the sport will be remembered for generations to come.

Valentine Conclusion:


All in all, Greg Valentine is an unbelievable expert grappler who had a massive effect on the game during his long and fruitful profession. With his unmistakable moves, straightforward persona, and rock-solid way to deal with wrestling, Valentine won the hearts of fans all over the planet and gained the appreciation of his friends in the business.

All through his profession, Valentine accomplished numerous outstanding achievements, including various title rules and an important match against Roddy Flute at Starrcade that is viewed as one of the best matches in wrestling history.

Despite the fact that he has downsized his in-ring appearances as of late, Valentine’s inheritance in proficient wrestling lives on, and his commitments to the game will be associated with years to come.


What happened to Greg Valentine?

As of my insight cutoff in September 2021, Greg Valentine, whose complete name is Jonathan Anthony Wisniski, is a retired proficient grappler from the US. He is most popular for his time on the Planet Wrestling League (WWF, presently known as WWE) during the 1980s. In any case, I don't have data about any new turns of events or occasions concerning Greg Valentine since my insight isn't state-of-the-art. It is fitting to allude to dependable news sources or direct an internet-based look for the latest data on his exercises.

Is Greg Valentine in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Indeed, Greg Valentine, otherwise called Jonathan Anthony Wisniski, is for sure an individual from the WWE Corridor of Popularity. He was enlisted in the Lobby of Popularity in 2004 as a component of the class of that year. Greg Valentine's commitment to proficient wrestling, especially during his residency at the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), procured him this acknowledgment.

Who was Greg the Hammer Valentine tag team partner?

Greg The Mallet Valentine had different label group accomplices all through his vocation. One of his eminent label group associations was with Brutus (The Stylist) Beefcake. Together, they shaped an effective label group known as (The Fantasy Group) on the planet Wrestling Organisation (WWF) during the 1980s. The pair came out on top for the WWF Label Group Title in 1985 and held the titles for almost a year before losing them to the English Bulldogs.

How big was Greg Valentine?

Greg The Mallet Valentine remained at a level of roughly 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and weighed around 240 pounds (109 kg) during his dynamic wrestling vocation. These estimations might fluctuate somewhat based on the source and explicit time span being alluded to.

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